About Us

About Westerwood Global

Westerwood Global is a leading provider of service solutions and trusted partner to high tech manufacturing industries including Semiconductor, Battery & Storage, LED, Solar and Flat Panel Displays. Our Managed Services and Technical Staffing capabilities provide a true value add for all outsourced requirements. With unrivalled knowledge, our management, engineers, maintenance and manufacturing technicians have a deep understanding and expertise in all the industries we serve.

Managed Services

We offer tailormade solutions to meet and exceed customer requirements, service level agreements and expectations.

Beyond operational expertise, Recruitment is a core competency with a robust database of suitably qualified skills globally ensuring the right people for the right job. Continuous improvement while delivering performance through a focus on quality, high productivity, cost efficiencies and flexible service offerings makes Westerwood Global a partner of choice. Rapid availability of trained staff helps manage the load across industry cycles and an ideal solution for long term sustainable activity as well as equipment installation, capacity ramp or other times of peak manpower constraints guaranteeing performance delivered.


To deliver integrated & innovative partnering solutions that positively affect the performance of our customers.


To be the Number One Managed & Flexible Staffing Services provider to the semiconductor and high-tech industry.


Westerwood Global is committed to developing a strong and positive culture based on our four core values. These beliefs, practices and behaviors are the operating system that powers our company. Our belief is that by defining and focusing on our values, we have built a Company that is competitive, cost effective, safe, efficient, reliable, flexible and one that enjoys long term customer relationships.



We hire the right people for the right job with the correct skills. We empower our people with the tools for success in their role and we deliver a platform for career and personal development. We respect our people – background, skills, knowledge and experiences to foster an inclusive team and customer partnership resulting in performance delivered.


Safety is our primary concern. We have a commitment to all employees to deliver performance in a safety controlled environment. We have a commitment to all customers that we meet and exceed safety expectations with a zero tolerance approach.


We embrace and leverage our internal and internationally recognised ISO accredited standards for employee and customer value. Performance delivered is through customer value propositions, driving best in class performance with a FOCUS on continuous improvement ensuring a first-rate output.


We actively explore the needs and viewpoints of our customers, aligning our services and providing tailormade problem solving solutions. We work in partnership ensuring best in class performance delivered.

Who we Are

Established in 2000, Westerwood Global are one the leading providers of managed service solutions to manufacturing technology companies in Europe and the US today. Working predominantly within the Semiconductor sector, we are a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading manufacturers, providing innovative and cost efficient managed solutions. Headquartered in Ireland, with regional offices throughout the United States in Arizona, New York, Oregon & Texas, with further growth plans in the near future.

Careers Case Studies

Environmental, Social and Governance

At Westerwood Global our focus is performance delivered, while prioritizing the well-being of our employees, customers and 3rd party stakeholders is critical to our business ethics as we strive to have a positive impact on the communities that surround our business operations. Consistent with our core values, not only is this possible but we see this as a responsibility in an evolving world.


Our environmental vision is to continue to deliver quality services while actively performing in an environmentally conscious manner. This is driven through our EHS trainings and awareness campaigns on environment and employee safety, internal and customer partnerships on regulatory and waste programs as well as environmental accreditations and certifications such as ISO_9001 and OSHA_45001. Environmental awareness is at the core of our quality, safety, people and customer values. The introduction of internal environmental programs has resulted in a reduction of waste that goes to landfill by 57%. We have also increased the amount of recyclable material by 67.6%. We will strive to surpass our commitment to delivering a “green” working environment.


Westerwood Global place an immense emphasis on equal employment, encourage diversity in the workplace and apply an open-door policy for inclusion of all employees. Our diversity program encourages people from any gender, background, ethnicity, culture, education and experience to join the company and more importantly build a career through employee development. We want to develop the best people for the right career. Career development is at the core of our commitment to employees. We aim to promote in excess of 20% of our employees year on year. Through our wellness programs globally, Westerwood Global ensures our employees and families have access to a full range of wellness services through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). In the communities that surround our business operations, we support individual and group sponsorships for local sports and those that are vulnerable in society. We emphasize our sponsorship on youth.


Westerwood Global have robust governance in place to ensure our performance is delivered with transparency and excellence. This is achieved through robust recruitment and on-boarding processes. Our employee compensation and benefits strategy is has zero diversity variances at the various grades and levels of our organization.

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