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Westerwood Global takes a leading role in supplying services that support the day to day maintenance and upkeep of Data Storage equipment and the continuous performance of the facility. From basic to complex repairs, maintenance and continuous productivity on equipment and facility, we are the flexible and trusted partner for Managed Service and Technical Staffing solutions that provide a true value add for all outsourced requirements.

Our “Performance Delivered” focus ensures that we are providing enhanced service solutions across the industry for substrate and hard drive head manufacturing & assembly.

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Equipment Support Services


Customer request for Corrective and Preventative Maintenance on high tech equipment, tools down in the FAB and need support to keep production at the required level.


Immediately redeployed existing Westerwood Global tool experts to repair the tools and drive productivity. Utilised our vast database of tool experts to put in place a sustaining business model for the customer. Team was hired with an average time to hire of 12 days.


Customer production returned to required level meeting demand.

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