Our Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your jobs located ?

Please see location for the role you are applying for as to where it is located.

Are the roles permanent?

Yes all of our roles are permanent contracts.

What is your interviewing process?

Each candidate, if short-listed will participate in a prescreen interview, followed by a 1st face to face interview. If a candidate passes these two rounds they will then be called back for a final interview with the Management team of the area in which they will be working.

What are the hours of work?

All of our roles are shift based – compressed working week so require flexibility and the ability to work shift hours – to include weekends, public holidays and nights.

How do I apply for a job?

You need to send your updated c.v. to jobs@westerwoodglobal.com

How do I refer someone to Westerwood Global?

You need to get them to send their updated c.v. to jobs@westerwoodglobal.com

I don't see a job that fits my previous experience, how do I let you know about me?

You need to send your updated c.v. to jobs@westerwoodglobal.com

After applying for a position what is the average wait time and how will I be contacted?

This will largely depend on the number of applicants for the position, but in general please allow for 5 working days.

If I send my CV who will see it and how confidential will it be?

We take the privacy of our applicants very seriously, only the recruitment team and relevant Hiring Managers will have access to your details.

Do you train your employees?

Yes, training is provided for entry level positions. Experienced candidates should check their skills against the job spec.

How long is the hiring process- e.g. from time I apply until time I start to work?

This again changes with the position, the start date will be discussed at interview.



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