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Field Service Engineer - CA001


Full Time


Livermore, CA, 94550,
United States

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Field Service Engineer – CA001

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Westerwood Global is a leading provider of manufacturing and technical support services tailored exclusively for the semiconductor industry. At Westerwood Global, we work with our customers to provide a “Whole Fab Support Experience” across all tool types. We are a progressive, dynamic company who prides itself in offering industry leading project based, contract & permanent employment. Our service solutions and employee professional development are vital aspects of the Westerwood Global culture. 

About the job

The Field Service Engineer will be a contributor and future Project Lead to complete installations, chemical or slurry commissioning on Company Specific equipment. General support of our equipment in any capacity including upgrades, warranty engagements at customer sites. The Field Service Engineer must possess the ability to work well autonomously and have a demonstrated ability to lead or be led during installations, upgrades, and warranty engagements.

A bit about you

  • You will be a contributor and future Project Lead to complete installations, wet bench, chemical or slurry commissioning on equipment. General support of equipment in any capacity including upgrades, warranty engagements at customer sites.
  • You're able to work well under little direct supervision.
  • You have demonstrated ability to lead or be led during installations, upgrades, and warranty engagements.
  • You've demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in the response to routine, severe, and emergency conditions is required; the experience necessary to react calmly under pressure and apply safe and lasting resolutions.
  • You're experienced in completing upgrades and retrofits to company specific equipment on time and on budget; maintained accurate service, spare parts, and project progress reports, related logs and documentation, including red lines to technical documentation.
  • You have the ability to write and complete a Functional Test Matrix, and to understand and edit a Software Functionality Statement is required.
  • You're able to adhere to all safety guidelines and rules as described by internal training as well as the customer sites training at which work will be performed.

Plumbing Tasks:

  • Work with PFA tubing and associated hardware components. Experience flaring, bending, and PFA plumbing assembly. Flaring includes Flaretek2, PrimeLock, Fit-Line, and Pillar.
  • Able to read and understand a plumbing P&ID drawing
  • Able to use an ACAD or 3D e-drawing to replicate an architectural layout plumbing drawing and replicate onto a blank or semi populated cabinet.
  • Pneumatics, understanding for the process of producing an electrical or ethernet signal from a PLC to an electrical solenoid valve, converting to an air signal that will proceed to an Automated Valve, pump, or other pneumatic driven component. Able to troubleshoot A to Z.

Electrical Tasks:

  • Able to do basic wiring, routing wires for panel assembly, terminate wires, crimping ferrules, use of several types of crimpers such as AMP, Molex, Z+F. able to complete termination with head shrink, labeling.
  • Able to troubleshoot electrical circuits. 24VDC, 120VAC, 208VAC. Proper use of a DMM to check / verify voltages, amperage, resistance in a circuit. Ability to use an analog generator / meter to troubleshoot 0-20mA or 4-20mA circuits.
  • Able to read and understand an electrical drawing. Use this to effectively troubleshoot an electrical problem, failed component, mis-wire, etc.

Industrial Controls:

  • Familiarity experience with industrial PCs, HMIs, and the graphic interfaces that go along with most IPC / HMI designs. Ability to interact with the screens, understand configurations including timers, alarm/warning options, reading and changing recipes.
  • Ability to interface with OEM components, examples are Future Star or Levitronix flow meters, Adsen or SMC pressure transducers, capacitive Sensors, E&H pH and Conductivity probes and controllers, Specific Gravity or Densitometer sensor. OEM or in-house manuals available to assist in use and troubleshooting.

General and Communication Skills:

  • Use above skills to test out an electrical, mechanical, pneumatic chemical or slurry blend and/or delivery system via a Functional Test Matrix (FTM). Tests include verifying EMO(s), Interlocks, Alarms, sensors, analog signal devices, and complete functional tests that prove out the functionality of our equipment.
  • An expert at customer interface, FSE I / II has the ability and experience to exercise discretion and independent judgment.
  • Ability to work independently and demonstrate initiative to others; the ability to train and instill the need for excellence.
  • Excel in time management, organizational, and problem-solving skills, and demonstrate outstanding customer service skills.
  • Fluency in English, both written and verbal, is required.
  • Very strong verbal and written communication skills are required.
  • Ability to sit, stand, walk, and bend, and occasionally lift 25 lbs.
  • Ability and willingness to travel 50% of the time.

Computer Skills:

  • Microsoft 365


  • Associate degree or higher in a related technical discipline.
  • OSHA10 Certification.
  • 5 years of formal technical training or experience exhibiting the knowledge and technical skills outlined in this job description.


Competitive hourly rate, Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, Paid Vacation and Select Holidays, Overtime Opportunities, Compressed Work Week, On-site Facilities, Career Development Opportunities.

Westerwood Global does not require assistance from Recruitment Agencies. Thank you.

Westerwood Global is a dynamic and growing company. We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading employment opportunities. Our employees are at the core of our service offering and their professional development is a vital aspect of the Westerwood Global culture and values.

The people who thrive most on our teams are those individuals who perform well in a team environment, enjoy interacting and engaging with several different stakeholders, adapt quickly to changing environments and leverage their skills, quality and knowledge to drive themselves and their teams towards continuous improvement and success.

Equal opportunities and Social Governance

Westerwood Global place an immense emphasis on equal employment, encourage diversity in the workplace and apply an open-door policy for inclusion of all employees. Our diversity program encourages people from any gender, background, ethnicity, culture, education, and experience to join the company and more importantly build a career through employee development.

Through our wellness programs globally, Westerwood Global ensures our employees and families have access to a full range of wellness services through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). In the communities that surround our business operations, we support individual and group sponsorships for local sports and those that are vulnerable in society.


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